Barn Cats for Adoption

Last updated November 18th, 2017

All of our animals are sterilized before adoption.

DSH = Domestic Short Hair, DMH = Domestic Medium Hair, DLH = Domestic Long Hair



Breed: Black & White DSH Sex: Female Age: 3 Years

Meet our very own Khalua!!! This lovely and very independent girl has completed her mothering duties and is now ready for her very own forever home! Khalua is a very shy cat and would require gentle and slow introductions to new situations and a family that understands her need for space and time to help her come out her shell and discover how wonderful her new home is! Khalua will need a home that will allow her the space to hide or a high-perch to watch from for when the world gets a little too overwhelming and she needs the space to calm down and refocus. We know that over time and with lots of patience and love, this beautiful girl will come out of her shell and will be a fantastic addition to any family! Come down and meet Khalua today!

Check back soon for my photos!

Khalua is available for the companion barn cat fee of $60.

Adopt me!


Our Barn Buddies program has a reduced adoption fee for companion cats that are deemed suitable for barn, stable, shop or secure out building environments. The fee is $65. There is also a reduced adoption fee for non-companion (feral) barn, stable, shop or secure out buildings cats. The fee is $25 which covers basic administrative costs. Barn Buddies require appropriate shelter, food and fresh water daily, veterinary care as required and though these cats do not live within households, they are nevertheless to be valued and loved members of the family. The individual or family adopting a barn buddy will still undergo the usual screening policy and must meet regular adoption criteria.
These are the Barn Buddies currently available for adoption to the best barns, stable, shop or secure out building environments. Some of our regular priced cats may also be suitable for barn homes. Please feel free to come in and meet all the cats and ask our adoption staff for more information.
NOTE: This list may not represent all barn cats available for adoption at the Shelter as we update the site weekly yet receive new cats daily. To view all our cats, please come visit us in person and we’d be happy to introduce you to all our feline friends.



We wanted to send an adoption/birthday update on Cosmo (formally Delilah) Cosmo is doing as wonderful as ever. She spends her days tanning in front of the windows or sleeping soundly on any piece of furniture or clothing she can find. She is still a bit weary of the family dog but for the most part they co-exist in peace. She and our other cat Bynx get along better and better everyday, even sharing tanning spots and sharing from the same bowl of food. Cosmo still talks nonstop and follows us wherever we go, she is very curious!
We love Cosmo so much and feel so grateful that no one else adopted her before us.
Thank you as always, for all you do.

Meet. Adopt. Love.