Our Adoption Philosophy


The animals that enter our doors all have their stories, if only they could talk! Many are strays, a result of perhaps another unwanted litter from yet another reproducing female. Others are abandoned or discarded as though a commodity rather than a breathing life. Some are surrendered by their owners for various reasons such as lack of time to spend with them, allergies, old age or bad behavior. All too often the pet is just no longer a priority. Whether these animals are pure-breeds, mixed breeds, young or old, trained or not, they are all counting on us to find them a loving and forever home!

Our adoption program and screening process has been designed to ensure that the best possible match will be made in every adoption. The staff are able to develop relationships with every animal in our care through daily socializing and obedience training sessions. Familiar with the personalities, known history, habits, and individual needs of each animal, our staff are the most knowledgeable and informed people to help match you with the appropriate pet for your lifestyle. If the screening procedures seem strict, please keep in mind that although the staff have each animals best interest in mind, they are also seeking results that are favorable to the adopter and individual expectations.