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Why Humane Education?

What is available?

As this kind of material can be time consuming to locate and organize, we have prepared thirteen lesson plan idea units each including:

Support from Cochrane & Area Humane Society staff and volunteers to:

Is it reproducible?

We have obtained copyright permissions from many other humane organizations. All of the material included in our curriculum is reproducible for educational purposes as long as the material is not altered in any way and the source is clearly identifiable. The Cochrane & Area Humane Society does not necessarily endorse all of the views expressed in material obtained from other humane organizations.

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Overview of Lesson Plan Units

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SubjectGrade LevelTopicFocusExample Activities
ELA 1 - 3 Animal Heroes How animals help us, e.g. seeing eye dogs, therapy animals, explosive sniffers, etc.
  • Reading/listening and responding to stories , creating stories
ELA 4-6 Animal Heroes
How animals help us, e.g. seeing eye dogs, therapy animals, explosive sniffers, etc.
  • Research, interview, discuss
How animals are portrayed as heroes in true stories and in fiction
  • Discussing stories, creative writing
How stereotyping of animals in literature and movies affects our attitudes
  • Reading books, writing book reviews
ELA 7-9, 10-12 Controversial Humane Issues Controversial issues: breed bans, use of animals in research, animals in entertainment, and the link between animal abuse and family violence
  • Discuss, research, present and debate
Math 4-6 The Economics of Pet Ownership The cost of pet ownership and the commitment needed to own a pet
  • Estimating and calculating costs using addition, multiplication, averages
  • Making bar charts
Math 4-6 Pet Math Pet overpopulation, spay/neuter issues
  • Numeric operations and problem solving, focus on addition and multiplication
  • Surveying and graphing
Health & Life Skills 4-6 The Human-Animal Bond The human-animal bond and how that animals have emotions like people
  • Respond to stories, create endings, role play
Health & Life Skills K-3 Bite Prevention What can cause dogs to bite and how to be safe
  • Recognizing pictures of friendly and unfriendly dogs
  • Role playing to practice safe behaviour
Health & Life Skills


Animal Careers Careers that involve animals
  • Read, research, discuss and present
Science 1,3

Pet Care Pet needs and how to care for them
  • Draw, discuss, active games, role play
  • Making a tool or diorama
Science 2 Hot Dogs & Cool Cats The effects of extreme temperatures on pets
  • Discuss, take and record temperatures
Science 4

Pets in the Environment
Wastes associated with pets and how we can be environmentally responsible pet owners
  • Do surveys, make posters, pet toys
How pets can affect our environment.
  • Research, investigate, present
Social Studies K-2 Good Neighbour Pets How being a responsible pet owner is part of good citizenship
  • Identify information from pictures, role play
Social Studies 3-7 Animal Shelters and Volunteerism
Why we have animal shelters and what roles they play in our community
  • Discuss, interview, research, decision making games
Learning through volunteerism
  • Plan and implement a community service project for animals

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