Humane Helpers

Hey Teens, our Humane Helpers program is a volunteer opportunity for ages 13-15 where you and a parent or guardian volunteer together for a variety of important shelter duties to help the animals.

Program Goals

  • To educate teens about humane treatment of animals and responsible pet ownership
  • To provide meaningful opportunities for this age group to work with shelter animals

Volunteer tasks can include:

  • Cats – grooming cats, socializing cats, making cat toys, scooping poop, topping up water, folding clean bedding/towels
  • Dogs – dog walking, socializing puppies, grooming dogs, filling kongs, washing pet dishes, putting runs back in order, making sure each dog / puppy has a toy and treat.
  • Outdoor kennels – after dogs are back inside – poop patrol, filling water dishes
  • Occasional help with fundraising events – Mutt Strut, sorting books for the book sale, assisting at open houses/Christmas party, stuffing envelopes, etc.


  • To be determined by shelter requirements.


  1. The program is for teens age 13-15. (Teens 16 and older can volunteer during this program or at any other volunteer time on their own or with a parent.)
  2. Each teen (13-15) must be with a parent or guardian at all times while volunteering at the shelter.
  3. All participant pairs (teen and parent) must complete:
  • the routine volunteer orientation and waiver form
  • an interview with the volunteer coordinator
  • additional training session as needed

Click here to access our online Humane Helpers Application form

There are also other ways to support the Mission of the Society that families can play a big part in. By attending our events, such as the Mutt Strut, you help raise funds and promote the shelter at the same time. Click here to see which other events you may wish to participate in as a family!



We wanted to send an adoption/birthday update on Cosmo (formally Delilah) Cosmo is doing as wonderful as ever. She spends her days tanning in front of the windows or sleeping soundly on any piece of furniture or clothing she can find. She is still a bit weary of the family dog but for the most part they co-exist in peace. She and our other cat Bynx get along better and better everyday, even sharing tanning spots and sharing from the same bowl of food. Cosmo still talks nonstop and follows us wherever we go, she is very curious!
We love Cosmo so much and feel so grateful that no one else adopted her before us.
Thank you as always, for all you do.

Meet. Adopt. Love.