Humane Education

Humane education is about fostering kindness, respect, and empathy towards all animals. Part of helping children to develop good character is teaching them to treat all animals responsibly and humanely.

Animal abuse and neglect are linked to bullying and family violence, which in turn can lead to cruelty towards animals. Through education we are striving to break this cycle. Contact us for information on shelter tours, classroom visits and ways students can help shelter animals.


Online Educational Curriculum

We have created 13 lesson plans for use by K-12 teachers. Our online lesson plan units include:

The complete list of lesson units with links to all the units is available on our Humane Education Home Page.

If you make use of our lesson plans, please help us improve by filling in our Humane Education Feedback Form.


Cochrane & Area Humane Society Scholarship

There will be up to three $1,000 scholarships awarded each year. These will go to students who:

Application deadline is April 30, 2015. Download an application form.


Clubs & Volunteer Opportunities for Teens

Click here to find out about our volunteer opportunities for teens 13-15. Once you are 16, you can volunteer on your own for a variety of different jobs.


Day Camps

The Cochrane & Area Humane Society holds fun day camps for kids in grades one through six in the summer as well as during other school holidays throughout the year! Learn more about camping or being a volunteer camp assistant.


Humane Classroom of the Year Award

Each year in May we will select a classroom from Cochrane and area whose students worked hard to learn about humane education and help stray and neglected animals in our community.

The winner will receive:

More information is available on the Animal Shelters and Volunteerism lesson plan page.

For more information email or call (403) 932-2072.