Humane Helpers

The goal of Humane Helpers is to learn as much as possible about animals because the more we know, the better we are able to be their friends.

This program is for teens who:

  • Have a keen interest in animals
  • May or may not have pets at home
  • Want to learn about all types of animals and their care
  • May be interested in a future career working with animals

This is an opportunity for young teens aged 13-15 to learn how to work with animals.  Activities may include grooming animals, making pet toys, walking dogs, helping with easier cleaning jobs and socializing animals. A parent (or other adult/sibling/friend over age 18) must volunteer at all times with their teen. Special training will be provided for parents/adults and teens.

To become a Humane Helper, you will need to fill out the application form by clicking here. Upon acceptance into our program, a $25 administrative fee will be collected prior to commencing any volunteer activities.

For more information call our Volunteer Coordinator at (403) 932-2072 ext 105 or email


Adopted 2016

Maisy is doing wonderful (we kept her name since I thought it suited her). She is such a sweet-natured girl, and loves cuddles and belly rubs! She is starting to purr now when she is happy and around my boyfriend and I. The only time I’ve ever heard her meow though, was when we took her to the vet. Other than that, she doesn’t make a sound. I thought it was a little strange because I’ve always had chatty cats growing up, but I guess that’s just how Maisy is!
We could not have found a better cat to fit into our lives. Thank you so much once again.

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