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Barn Cat
Foster Needed
1.5 Years
Meet Edward!

King Edward is looking for his new palace! Edward is unsure if he wants to be king or the court jester – but he certainly wants to live in luxury. His Majesty believes the key to a healthy kingdom is lots of toy and treat taxes – and we are inclined to believe him. He prefers to rule his kingdom with only human subjects, as he finds other feline and canine subjects too much for his liking. He might also love the opportunity to have some indoor and outdoor time where he can keep a watchful eye on every part of his new kingdom. Maybe even a shop could be his next palace. If you are ready to serve the Crown with loyalty and love – come swear your fealty to King Edward!

Edward is available for the Barn Companion fee of $65.00.

Email the filled-out adoption form to: adoption@cochranehumane.ca

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