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Adopted 2016

She’s been fantastic and appears to be adjusting well to her new ‘forever home’. She’s an energetic and fun dog to be around. She’s been amazing around kids and other dogs (when she’s had the opportunity). I’ve been working with her, and she’s picking up training cues very quickly, I’m impressed. We haven’t quite gotten the house training down yet, but she had a moment this morning that shows me she’s starting to understand…as she went to the back door and whined for me to let her out! (small victories), if this is consistent we’re there and we can start to have some more training fun. She currently loves her walks, and playing with all of her toys. She follows the sun around the house for her naps, and she’s been amazing off leash (when I allow) on our walks, she stops and waits for me! We’re working on her recall nevertheless (just in case), but sitting, lying down, and holding are a breeze.
Thank you guys for the incredible opportunity to be a ‘Doggie Dad’, it’s awesome!

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