Adoption Process

When a potential adopter comes into the shelter and sees an animal of interest to them, one of our adoption staff will provide them with the maximum information available for that animal. People are then asked to take the time to complete an adoption questionnaire designed to help us match individuals and families with a companion pet that will suit their lifestyle and meet their expectations. Assuming the questionnaire results are favorable for that particular animal, they are then permitted time and space to interact with the animal and get to know it better. While this is taking place the staff will talk to the adopter about his or her desire to adopt and may ask questions about:

  • Past experiences with animals
  • Lifestyle, work schedules, expectations of a companion animal
  • Housing situation – own or rent, size of yard, etc.

In the case of dog adoptions, it is preferred that all family members of the household meet the animal and agree upon the choice of pet, but it is not mandatory. We also facilitate a meet and greet with existing family dogs to ensure that they too will be compatible, though again it is not mandatory for all dogs.

Considering the long term commitment and responsibility involved in adopting a pet, and in order to ensure a proper match, we do not adopt out animals as gifts. The animal must be adopted by the adult who will be responsible for its future care as its legal owner.

We do allow same-day adoptions for dogs to serious adopters who have spent sufficient time with the animal.  Depending on the dog we sometimes insist that people visit the animal a few times and interact more than once before making a final decision. We can hold an animal for a serious adopter up until the same time the next business day without a deposit being required. This is to permit them the time to make this important decision. A non-refundable cash or cheque deposit would be required to hold the animal for a further length of time, if the extended hold is approved by the adoption staff.

If you would like to adopt an animal that you already have placed a hold on, please review our Hours of Operation for Adoptions. Please also call our adoption staff to make an appointment for your adoption.

Adopting a pet is a big commitment that carries great responsibility and often lifestyle adjustments, a decision that requires certainty! Once it has been determined that the match is a good one, the adoption is finalized. To complete the final paperwork the following information will be required and must be made available to the adoption staff:

  • Proof of address and age using identification such as a driver’s license. Adopters must be a minimum of 18 years of age.
  • Adoption fee payment made by cash, debit, Visa, Mastercard, or money order.

Christmas Adoption Policy

Adoptions proceed as normal during the holiday season. Please note that the normal screening process and adoption procedures are still in place, including no animals being adopted as gifts.

The Cochrane & Area Humane Society will be closed for Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Years Day.

View some useful tips on how to keep your pet safe during the Christmas season.


Adopted 2016

Maisy is doing wonderful (we kept her name since I thought it suited her). She is such a sweet-natured girl, and loves cuddles and belly rubs! She is starting to purr now when she is happy and around my boyfriend and I. The only time I’ve ever heard her meow though, was when we took her to the vet. Other than that, she doesn’t make a sound. I thought it was a little strange because I’ve always had chatty cats growing up, but I guess that’s just how Maisy is!
We could not have found a better cat to fit into our lives. Thank you so much once again.

Meet. Adopt. Love.