Third Party Fundraising

What is a Third Party Fundraiser?

A third party fundraiser is an event or initiative organized by an individual, company or community group that is not an official Cochrane & Area Humane Society (CAHS) fundraiser, but benefits the work and animals of the CAHS. Whether you are a proud adopter, volunteer, or overall animal lover, your support will have a meaningful impact.

Acting independently and with CAHS approval, third party fundraisers are an important resource for raising funds to carry out our work here at the shelter. When you organize a third-party fundraiser, not only are you raising money to support CAHS, you are raising awareness about the CAHS and the important work we do. This increase in awareness is an invaluable component to third party fundraising events.


Third Party Fundraiser Ideas

Third party fundraisers can be as big or as small as you like. Be creative! Here are a few ideas:

Individual: Why not collect donations instead of gifts for your next birthday party or anniversary? Instead of providing guests with favors at your wedding, donate funds to the CAHS on behalf of your guests!

Community fundraisers: Host a sporting event, car wash, garage sale, lemonade sale, pancake breakfast, or BBQ by donation.

School fundraisers: Make sure to get permission from your school first and then host a bake sale, a candy jar guess, sports tournament, or a school dance with all proceeds going to the CAHS.

Work fundraisers: Work fundraisers are a great way to build team spirit while raising money for the animals. Hold a company picnic, a wear your jeans to work day, or have a 50/50 draw.

Consultants: Do you sell a particular product? If so, donating a portion of your sales from a certain time period or a party is a great way to raise funds for the shelter. Have an animal lover host a party and guests will be happy to purchase their favorite products while helping out our organization.


Third Party Guidelines

We appreciate your generosity and enthusiasm to organize a fundraiser to benefit the CAHS. We know that your initiative will require your time, energy and personal resources, which is why we kindly ask you to review our Fundraising Guidelines listed below to understand your responsibilities and to ensure that your idea meets our community fundraising criteria.

  • All events, activities and promotions must be aligned with the mission, vision and values of the CAHS.
  • A Third Party Fundraiser Form must be submitted to the CAHS for approval at least two weeks prior to your event.

Cochrane & Area Humane Society Logo for Promotional Purposes

  • Permission must be given by the CAHS to use our name and logo for the purpose of your fundraiser. Once your fundraiser is approved, a package will be emailed to you. It will include the following items:
    • Logo
    • Templates for a solicitation letter and thank you letter
    • Prospective Contact Sheet
    • Donation Tracking Sheet for Tax Receipts
  • Use of our logo on promotional materials does not imply that the fundraiser is sponsored by the CAHS. We are involved only as a beneficiary.

Donations and Tax Receipts

The CAHS issues official income tax receipts in accordance with the guidelines set by the Canada Revenue Agency.

  • Please submit a completed Prospective Contact Sheet prior to contacting potential donors or businesses for donations. We want to be respectful of our relationship within the community and therefore do not want to inundate individuals or businesses with multiple requests.
  • The CAHS will not provide individual tax receipts for event-based fundraisers (e.g. golf tournaments, dinners, ticket sales, etc.)
  • The CAHS will issue tax receipts for monetary donations (minimum of $20) made to the third party fundraiser. The third party fundraiser must maintain complete donor records on the Donation Tracking Sheet for Tax Receipts in order for a tax receipt to be issued.

For Canada Revenue Agency policy on Third Party Fundraisers, please visit:


Licenses and Insurance

If you are coordinating a draw, raffle or other event that involves selling a ballot or item to the general public, permits and/or licenses may apply. It is the responsibility of the third party organizer to obtain the appropriate documentation and/or license to conduct the fundraising activity.


Use our helpful checklist to assist you in planning your fundraiser.


If you have a fundraising suggestion you think we should consider, please fill out the Fundraising Suggestion Form. If you have any questions, please send an email to or call (403)932-2072 ext. 101.


Adopted 2017

We changed Chloe’s name to River! She responded to it from the moment we’ve called her that and her recall is coming along so well! It helps that she is very food motivated. She’s learned to shake both paws and give a high 10, spin, sit, wait, and lay down. Her favourite thing to do is run, and man is she fast! Her second favourite thing to do is play with her sister Ellie Mae! They tucker each other out every day! On walks, Ellie’s bloodhound nose points out all the best smells and River always wants to sniff it too. We think she is very happy here in her new home she certainly looks it! Thanks so much for helping us add River to our family!

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