Gift Planning

Did you know that you can plan today to make donations to the CAHS in the future?

In addition to showing your commitment to helping animals in our community, Gift Planning can:

  • Help the shelter plan for future animal welfare needs.
  • Inspire others to make similar gifts.
  • Be tailored to fit your estate planning and financial needs, as there are several ways to make a Planned Gift.
  • Offer some flexibility in the timing of when you receive a charitable receipt. For example, some gifts of life insurance are eligible for a tax receipt today.
  • Be substantial in size without affecting your current standard of living.
  • Provide valuable tax benefits.

Why Donate

When making a planned gift to the Cochrane & Area Humane Society, you are helping the approximately 1,200 animals that enter the shelter each year. Some arrive injured, others lost, and others simply unwanted. Each animal receives loving care from staff and volunteers, along with food, shelter, veterinary care, vaccines, permanent identification, and spay or neuter surgery. In addition, many stray and abandoned animals require special surgery, medication and rehabilitation before they are placed for adoption.

Not only do Planned Gifts allow the Society to save deserving pets, but they can provide financial benefits to the donor.

Funds donated through planned giving may support the internal animal hospital, general care for the animals or shelter programs and services, which include humane education programs and outreach in rural areas such as Morley.

Ways to Give

Options can seem confusing and the best options for you are based on your individual circumstances. The CAHS recommends that you consult with financial and legal professionals to help you make the choice that is best for you.

If you do not have a professional working with you and wish to talk with someone with expertise and knowledge of the CAHS, we invite you to contact our Executive Director at 403-932-2072 Ext. 102, or email



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