Norm’s Nook Pet Supply Store

Norms Nook Sign

Welcome to Norm’s Nook
Saving Lives Through the Sale of Pet Supplies

Norm’s Nook is located at the Cochrane & Area Humane Society (62 Griffin Industrial Point)

Store hours:
Tuesday – Friday: 12pm  – 6:00pm
Saturday – Sunday: 12pm  – 5:00pm

*Closed Monday & Statutory Holidays

Norm’s Nook features Royal Canin pet food, toys, treats, leashes, crates, and many other accessories for cats and dogs.


Norm’s Nook is named after the Cochrane & Area Humane Society’s former shelter cat Norman. Norman was a stray, which is a pet who has been abandoned or who has strayed from home and become lost. We rescued him from the streets of Cochrane in 1998, and overtime with love and patience he was rehabilitated. Norman spent his days greeting visitors, staff and volunteers, and gave back as much love as he received until he passed in January 2014 after 15 wonderful years with us.

Unfortunately we are frequently reminded of the many cats out there who are not as lucky as Norman – cats who continue to live tragic lives while reproducing countless offspring that face trauma, disease, malnutrition and climatic extremes in miserable, and often short, lives. Every day, our shelter struggles to provide care and opportunity to staggering numbers of homeless cats brought in from Cochrane and the surrounding rural areas. There are simply not enough homes for them all. Perhaps the saddest part is the fact that the fate of these strays is completely preventable by simply spaying and neutering our pets – responsible pet ownership!

In recognition of these homeless animals and the suffering they endure, we named the store after our dear Norman – one of the lucky ones.

All proceeds from the store will be directed towards saving homeless animals that need our help.



We wanted to send an adoption/birthday update on Cosmo (formally Delilah) Cosmo is doing as wonderful as ever. She spends her days tanning in front of the windows or sleeping soundly on any piece of furniture or clothing she can find. She is still a bit weary of the family dog but for the most part they co-exist in peace. She and our other cat Bynx get along better and better everyday, even sharing tanning spots and sharing from the same bowl of food. Cosmo still talks nonstop and follows us wherever we go, she is very curious!
We love Cosmo so much and feel so grateful that no one else adopted her before us.
Thank you as always, for all you do.

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