Lost, Found, Surrender

Over the years we have reunited many people with their pets long after they had given up hope of ever finding them. Often older pets find themselves suddenly disorientated when they have lost their owners in a state of confusion because their senses are not as keen anymore.

A seventeen-year-old cat that was lost in Calgary two months prior to being found in Bearspaw, was brought to us in Cochrane. We successfully traced her tattoo to her loving family where they rushed out to claim her that very afternoon – in a state of shock!

One March we reunited a thirteen-year-old, blind and deaf, female Shepherd with her family after being lost for the entire month in the terrible cold.

Let’s remember that as our pets creep into those senior years their senses do deteriorate and they are counting on us to look out for their best interest. Always make sure that your pets are wearing some sort of identification, and be sure that older pets are not left unattended off leash. Lastly, whatever you do – DON’T GIVE UP! Follow the same steps to find an older pet as you would a young pet; do not assume they are deceased because of their age or because time has lapsed since they initially went missing.

If you lose a Pet…

The Cochrane & Area Humane Society has a program to help you if you’ve lost your pet. Petlynx is an online 24-hour service that lists found pets.

The Cochrane & Area Humane Society does not take lost pet information over the phone or in person because using Petlynx is a better way to help you find your pet.

There are two ways you can search for your lost pet on Petlynx. You can do found pet searches. You should visit their website daily to see if anyone has found your pet.
We recommend that you register your pet. If your pet is registered, you will be emailed automatically whenever a matching found animal is entered into the system. You should post all relevant information about your animal on Petlynx including medical conditions. You should also post a photo of your pet. If a member of the public finds your pet and posts it as found, the system can match you up even before your pet comes to our shelter. There is a fee for registering your pet but it lasts for the animal’s lifetime.

There are some other things you can do once you have registered on Petlynx:

  • Check your neighborhood right away; talk with neighbors and children playing in the area. Ask for homeowners to check garages, under decks, around sheds and greenhouses, etc.
  • If your pet was lost within the Town of Cochrane; please call Cochrane Animal Services at 403-851-2532 to see if your pet is at their animal shelter.
  • If your pet was lost outside of the Town of Cochrane; visit animal shelters, including the Cochrane & Area Humane Society, regularly as new animals frequently. You should also contact the animal services department of the County or Municipal District in which you reside.
  • Put up posters in your neighborhood and deliver flyers door to door with a description of your pet.
  • Don’t give up! Lost pets have been returned to their owners months, and even years, after separation.

If you have found a Pet…

Check a pet’s tag for owner information or a license tag which will have a contact number for the appropriate animal services department.

If a pet was found within the Town of Cochrane; contact Cochrane Animal Services at 403-851-2532.

If a pet was found outside of the Town of Cochrane; contact the animal services department of the County or Municipal District in which it was found.

  • Rocky View County: 403-230-1401
  • MD of Bighorn: 403-673-3611
  • Mountain View County: 403-335-3311
  • MD of Foothills: 403-652-2341 or 403-931-1905

We also recommend you create a found report on Petlynx which is an online 24-hour service that lists lost & found pets. There is no fee to create a found report and it only take a few minutes. Please be as descriptive as possible as Petlynx will automatically match found reports with any lost reports with similar descriptions.

For further assistance regarding a pet you have found, you can call us at 403-932-2072.

Surrender A Pet

What are Your Options?

Depending on the reason for wanting to surrender your pet, sometimes obedience classes or an animal behaviour specialist can help the situation so that you are able to keep your companion. Your veterinarian can offer valuable advice as well. Whatever the case may be, our staff are happy to discuss the options that are available to you, surrendering being the very last resort. Here are some steps you can take to avoid having to surrender your pet to a shelter:

  • Try to place your pet with family or friends that will love and care for him/her.
  • Place an ad in the newspaper, at the local veterinarian office, or through social media – our staff can give you tips on screening potential adopters.
  • Consider obedience classes and/or seeking help from an animal behaviour specialist. We offer classes and behaviour consultations at CAHS.
  • Seek guidance from your veterinarian who knows your pet well.
  • Check if there is a breed rescue group for your breed of animal and contact them. They generally do a good job of screening potential adopters.
  • Check with the source of the pet, i.e. the breeder. Responsible breeders will attempt to help you with any problems you’re having or will often take their animals back.

What is Involved?

Surrendered pets are accepted pending shelter space and resources. Surrenders are by appointment only; we need time to make arrangements to accept your pet as we are normally at maximum capacity with strays and abandoned animals. Please call us to discuss your situation and book an appointment at 403-932-2072 ext 113. Surrender fees may apply.

Surrender Fees & Service Area

The CAHS service area includes:

  • Cochrane
  • Rocky View County West of Highway 2
  • MD of Big Horn
  • MountainView County
  • Redwood Meadows
  • Stoney Nation
  • Airdrie
  • Tsuu T’ina Nation

The City of Calgary and Town of Canmore are not within our service area as they have humane societies or SPCA’s providing services in their areas.

Surrender fees within our service area:

There are no fees for surrenders within our service area, however donations are strongly encouraged to assist us in caring for your pet and providing for his/her medical and behaviour needs. We strive to provide an excellent level of care and based on the average length of time an animal spends with us, the cost of care to our organization is upwards of $500 per pet.

Surrender fees outside of our service area:

  • Cats/Kittens – $500 per pet
  • Dogs/Puppies – $500 per pet
  • Rabbits/Birds/Small Companion Animals – $100 per pet

Surrenders are accepted pending shelter space and by appointment only. As space permits, we may waive surrender fees at our discretion. Please call us to discuss your situation and book an appointment at 403-932-2072 ext 113.

Your Appointment

When you arrive for your appointment, please leave your pet in the vehicle while we complete the necessary paperwork. The surrendering process takes approximately 30 minutes and we will require your driver’s license with proof of address and your pet’s veterinary records at the time of admittance. Please remember to bring your pet’s food, crate, collar, and any toys or blankets that may help them feel a bit more secure while in the transition period. You must sign ownership of your pet over to the Cochrane & Area Humane Society where we will make every possible effort to find your pet a suitable home, but cannot guarantee that a placement will always be made.

Our Hours of Operation for Surrender Appointments:
Tuesday – Friday: 12 – 5:30pm
Saturday: 12 – 4:30pm


Adopted 2017

We changed Chloe’s name to River! She responded to it from the moment we’ve called her that and her recall is coming along so well! It helps that she is very food motivated. She’s learned to shake both paws and give a high 10, spin, sit, wait, and lay down. Her favourite thing to do is run, and man is she fast! Her second favourite thing to do is play with her sister Ellie Mae! They tucker each other out every day! On walks, Ellie’s bloodhound nose points out all the best smells and River always wants to sniff it too. We think she is very happy here in her new home she certainly looks it! Thanks so much for helping us add River to our family!

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