PACE Education

Positive Approach Canine Education (PACE) Program

If you are interested in becoming a well-rounded and certified dog trainer our PACE program may be right for you. In fact, anyone interested in working in the animal field would benefit from PACE whether you want to start your own rescue organization, dog walking, boarding or sitting business, become a professional groomer, veterinarian, or animal health technician. Our program is fun, flexible and in-depth. What else makes us different from others out there? More practical, hands-on experience with a wide variety of dogs!

Application Deadline: August 7, 2018
Program Start Date: September 22,

What is PACE?

PACE is a program designed to give participants a solid knowledge of learning theory and the practical abilities needed to effectively communicate with and handle dogs. Our training style is based on humane training practices, mutual respect between dog and the handler, and proven methods using positive reinforcement techniques.
PACE combines classroom learning with the power of hands on teaching and skill development through monthly workshops and weekly meets with a personal mentor to practice, hone and test participants’ skills. Students learn how to effectively apply theory and classroom learning to real life situations where dogs of various breeds and ages need training and behaviour modification to either successfully stay in homes or be re-homed.

PACE Offers Two Certificates

CAHS Canine Handling Skills and Behaviour Knowledge Certificate – This one year program is designed for anyone currently working in or interested in working or volunteering with dogs in various ways including; Animal Rescue, Sheltering or Fostering, Animal Health Technician, Veterinarian or Veterinary Clinic Staff, Dog Walking / Sitting, Dog Day Care, Boarding Dogs, or Groomers, or anyone with the interest and drive to learn more about canine handling and behaviour. Click for Details.

CAHS Canine Behaviour, Handling Skills & Instructor Certificate – This program will take 12-18 months to complete depending on the time  commitment each individual student devotes to it in-line with personal schedules.  It is designed for people driven to pursue a career as a professional pet dog trainer in either a classroom or private setting. This certificate includes the Canine Handling Skills and Behaviour Knowledge Certificate but delves deep into instructing group classes and teaching people how to teach dogs.  We believe that great teachers possess both a solid knowledge of the science that governs learning, and honed practical abilities in both training dogs and teaching other people to train dogs. We also believe in giving our graduates the skills to succeed in their profession! Click for Details.


It’s tailored to you! PACE has been developed to meet the needs of each individual recognizing participants have different goals and schedules to work with.  Practical hours can be completed on a variety of days and times to fit your schedule with a focus in your chosen particular area of interest, including;

  • CAHS Animal Hospital – geared towards participants with an interest in learning more about animal health or working in a Veterinary Clinic or Shelter Hospital.
  • Animal Care and / or Adoption Department – geared towards those with an interest in or currently working in a Boarding Kennel or a Shelter or Rescue environment as a volunteer, foster home, or employee, or those considering the startup of a rescue program.
  • CAHS Public Dog Training Classes & Private Consult Program – for those pursuing the CAHS Certified Canine Behaviour, Handling Skills and Instructor Certification.  The CAHS offers a full range of obedience, agility and specialized classes, dog training and behaviour modification classes, and private consultations.

We have DOGS! Although able to work with your own dog in the program, the CAHS will be providing each student with a variety of dog breeds, sizes, and behaviour issues.  The PACE program has a strong focus on hands-on experience that we believe is critical to your success! (Dogs stay at the CAHS or may stay in foster care with students in some cases.)

We have the EXPERTS! Sessions are designed & delivered by certified experts in the relevant fields including our; CPDT-KSA Professional Dog Trainers, ABVMA Licensed Veterinarian, and ABVMA Licensed Animal Health Technician.

Mentorship – students are paired with a Certified Professional Dog Trainer as their mentor to practice, hone and test skills weekly. Click Here to Learn About Our Instructors.

Workshops – monthly workshops set the stage for group discussions on learning theory, training techniques, and training challenges. Workshops include live demonstrations, examples, and student participation.

Small Classes – creating the best learning environment, with a maximum of ten participants in total.

Hands On/Practical Experience! – students earn all of the hours required for the working with shelter dogs portion of the qualifying process to write the CPDT-KA Designation through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. (Note: participants must still gain their head teach hours also to qualify to write CPDT-KA.)

Earn Head Teach Hours! – CAHS Canine Behaviour, Handling Skills and Instructor Certificate graduates earning a final overall grade of 90% will have the opportunity to earn their head teach hours required by the Certification Council for Professional Trainers through the CAHS.

Free  – access to the CAHS extensive library of books on Dog and Cat Training and Behaviour, Dog Body Language and Communication, Pet Health and Nutrition, Rally O, Agility, Starting a Daycare, Humane Education, Working with Blind, Deaf or Amputee Dogs, and much more.

Free – enrollment in one of the CAHS Obedience Classes with your own dog.

Discount – of 10% at Norm’s Nook – Saving Lives Pet Supplies while you are enrolled in the program.


Adopted 2017

We changed Chloe’s name to River! She responded to it from the moment we’ve called her that and her recall is coming along so well! It helps that she is very food motivated. She’s learned to shake both paws and give a high 10, spin, sit, wait, and lay down. Her favourite thing to do is run, and man is she fast! Her second favourite thing to do is play with her sister Ellie Mae! They tucker each other out every day! On walks, Ellie’s bloodhound nose points out all the best smells and River always wants to sniff it too. We think she is very happy here in her new home she certainly looks it! Thanks so much for helping us add River to our family!

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