Moki & Tuffy

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Meet Moki & Tuffy!

Moki and Tuffy are an adorable pair of bonded boys. Moki is a big, fluffy, easygoing boy who loves napping, belly rubs, cheek, chin, and head scratches. He also like a window sill or high shelf to perch on. He’s very friendly and more than happy to spend hours warming in the sunlight! Tuffy takes some time to warm up in a new environment - he appreciates being given the space he needs to learn to trust. It is best to let him lead with petting, approaching, and acclimating to his new surroundings. Once he gets to know you, expect him to join you on the couch or on your bed, either curled up on your lap or making biscuits! Tuffy spends his days batting around balls, chasing strings, napping, and can be quite chatty. These incredibly sweet and loving boys can't wait to find their forever home together!

Moki & Tuffy are available for the Inseperable Pair adoption fee of $200

Moki & Tuffy are currently staying with a Foster family, please contact the Adoption team at 403-932-2072 ext. 113 for more information!

Email the filled-out adoption form to:

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