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Benefits of fostering

Become a hero by sharing your home

While we do everything we can to make an animal’s stay with us as comfortable as possible, nothing can compare to a loving home environment. Sometimes an animal needs extra recovery time, socialization, or a break from the shelter. When you foster a dog, cat, or small animal with the Cochrane & Area Humane Society, you’ll be giving a second chance to an animal in need while allowing us more space to save another animal who needs our help.

Below are just a few benefits of fostering with the CAHS.

Cost-free fostering

The CAHS covers the expenses of fostering a shelter animal so you can focus on showering your new furry friend with love.

Short-term pet ownership

Get all the benefits of pet ownership, like love and companionship, without the long-term commitment of time and resources.

Helping animals in need

Welcoming an animal into your home will give them a much-needed place to stay and get them one step closer to finding their forever home.

Reasons to foster with the CAHS

  • Food, supplies, and medical needs are provided
  • Increases a pet’s chance of getting adopted
  • Improves a pet’s social skills
  • Learn new skills
  • Provides important information to potential adopters
  • Supports your community
  • Flexible length of stay schedule to match your lifestyle
A beautiful dog being embraced lovingly by foster family of Cochrane Humane.