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Meet Winnie!

Are you looking for a kitty that will keep you entertained with her big personality? Winne is cuddly, affectionate, sweet, and friendly - all within reason of course, everyone need their space sometimes! When she's feeling snuggly, she will even curl up around your neck and keep you cozy! Winnie has been spending time in foster care and is happy as a clam - she settled almost instantly and made herself right at home. She loves to play so she can practice her hunting skills and is content doing some window watching and snoozing in the sun. Winnie will thrive in a home with cat-savvy owners who will understand and love her quirkiness. If you' re looking for a gorgeous and super soft little cats – Winnie will win your heart!

This is what her foster had to say about her: "She loves interactive play and human affection on her own terms. She is a foodie for sure - you can totally bend her to your will with treats and wet food. She is very affectionate, friendly and loving. She is a lap cat and a bedtime snuggler. She sticks to me like Velcro. She gives frequent head butts, has a loud purr motor and is constantly rubbing up against my legs."

Winnie is currently staying with a Foster family, please contact the Adoption team at 403-932-2072 ext. 113 for more information!

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