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Leash Lungers Next Steps

Keeping your cool canine composure: Mastering impulse control and agility prep

This class will focus on impulse control exercises and your dog’s ability to stay calm, focused, and working in the presence of other dogs.

You will learn additional skills to prevent reactions when your dog sees new dogs or when a dog presents un-expectantly. We will remove visual barriers and bring new dogs into the classroom for your dog to practice his/her skills with.  

This class will also introduce your dog to agility equipment in preparation for the next class in our Reactive Dog Program, which is Leash Lungers Therapeutic Agility.

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Leash lungers next steps training classes at Cochrane and Area Humane Society

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This class is scheduled by demand.
Please call 403-932-2072 ext. 104 if you are interested in taking this class, and we can add you to our waiting list.

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Training costs

$410 Regular / $390 for CAHS adoptees

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Terms of service

  • This course has six weekly classes, with each class being 60 minutes long.
  • Only 4 participants per class.
  • To participate, your dog must have successfully completed Leash Lungers Anonymous within the last year and have retained the skills learned.
  • There are no transfers or refunds unless CAHS cancels the session
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