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Puppy Preschool

Helping you navigate the early months of puppyhood

Raising a puppy involves more than training basic obedience; it also includes exposing your puppy to new experiences in a safe and positive manner.

Early socialization can help your puppy grow up into a well-rounded adult dog and avoid later problems such as fear, aggression, and anxiety. Our drop-in program will show you how to introduce your puppy to real-life situations while making it fun for everyone involved.

This program is designed to teach your puppy skills such as appropriate play and interactions with other puppies, calm greetings, new people, textures, sounds, and handling. These classes will also include opportunities for open discussions on prevention and management techniques for common behaviour problems such as jumping up, mouthing, and house training. A certified trainer specializing in puppy socialization can help you navigate the early months of puppyhood.

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Puppy Preschool Training Classes at Cochrane and Area Humane Society

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Class dates & times

Thursday evenings:

  • 6:00pm – 6:45pm
  • 6:45pm – 7:30pm
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Training costs per class

$20 Regular / $15 for CAHS adoptees

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Terms of service

  • Each class is 45 minutes on a first-come, first-served basis with online registration required before classes.
  • Only 8 participants per class.
  • Sign up for any of the classes you would like if your dog is under 5 months of age.
  • Your puppy must have 2 vaccinations to participate.
  • There are no transfers or refunds unless CAHS cancels the session.
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